Sustainable Transportation Vermont
Sustainable Transportation Vermont
Toward a greener, healthier transportation system



Our Mission

Sustainable Transportation Vermont wants to move the state toward a more sustainable transportation system--one that relies less on private vehicles, and more on walking, biking, and public transportation, in order to reduce the environmental, economic and social impacts of our travel. Our newsletter and website will inform those making transportation and land use decisions--from public officials to local citizens--on how they might prioritize investments, programs and policies that favor non-motorized travel, transit, and compact, walkable communities. 

Sustainable Transportation Vermont was launched in 2016 by Richard Watts and University of Vermont students Cashel Stewart and Anna Wyner, as an online source for information relating to transportation in Vermont.  The site has grown into a forum for the people who work every day to make the state's transportation system greener.  Our expanding list of essays cover the challenges and opportunities faced by small cities, towns and rural areas as they attempt to wean themselves from a fossil fuel-based transportation system.


Our Goals

Reduce the social, environmental, and economic impacts of our transportation footprint

Promote a transportation system that can be sustained over generations

Shine a spotlight on current practices that perpetuate automobile dependency

Meet the Vermont's energy goals and greenhouse gas emissions goals by sharply reducing transportation-related energy used by 2020

Advisory Committee

Co-Chair: Julie Campoli, Principal: Terra Firma Urban Design

Co-Chair: Richard Watts, Media & Policy Studies, University of Vermont

Mollie S. Burke, Legislator,  Transportation Committee

Karen Glitman, Director of Efficiency Vermont

Melinda Moulton, Re-Developer, Main Street Landing

Thomas Adler, President RSG, White River Junction, Vermont

Debra Sachs, Co-CEO, NetZeroVT.Org

Brian Searles, former Secretary, Vermont Agency of Transportation

Jim Sullivan, Director, Bennington County Regional Planning Commission

* Organizational affiliations listed for identification purposes only.

Blog Staff

Julie Campoli, Editor

Richard Watts, Research & Policy


Facebook Page Staff

Tommy Maron, Outreach & Social Media

Devin Spindel, Programs and Direct Action

Richard Watts, Research & Policy