1,002 Exhaust-free Miles

Bren Alvarez was never a biker. Living at the far reaches of Burlington’s New North End, she relied on her car to get to her job downtown, and everywhere else. North Avenue was her lifeline and when the City put that road on a diet, reducing the artery from 4 lanes to 3, she was extremely skeptical of the proposed changes. Then she met Angela, and fell in love. Here’s her report from her new life with an e-bike.

Bren and her dog, Rojas, heading to the office.

Bren and her dog, Rojas, heading to the office.

“Just this morning I saw the little odometer on my bike registering 1002 miles!  Those are 99.9 % commuter miles, to work, to local meetings, to grocery shopping and even the doctor and dentist.  It feels so very good to start and end the workday on Burlington’s world class bike path and nice to know that there are 1001 miles of exhaust fumes that didn’t  mingle with our sweet lakeside air.

Full disclosure that this is made possible with an electric bike ~ a sturdy reliable German issue  I call Angela M and without  whom I could not: 

  • navigate the eastbound  Main Street traffic without wobbling out of bounds,

  • enjoy the headwinds and the westerly gusts on the bike path,

  • be unconcerned about riding in dark and the rain and the otherwise,

  • feel worry-free about the luxury commute time which also counts as mental health and physical fitness time,

  • enjoy door-to-door home to office without dealing with parking, parking meters, parking tickets.”

And in case you’re wondering, according to the EPA, 1,002 miles of driving an average car produces almost 900 lbs of carbon dioxide.

Whether its on a bike, foot, bus or other means, we’d like to hear more stories about making the switch to car-free and car-light commuting. Get in touch